Courtney Lewis Cheng

I am a multidisciplinary digital creative offering a diverse but focused skill-set, employing a balance between artistic and analytical qualities. Practiced in making even the most boring of numbers beautiful, I combine inspirational vision with order and precision.

With over 15 years of design experience, I work in a full range of platforms, including but not limited to: print publications, invitations, marketing collateral, infographics and responsive web design. I love being challenged and finding ways to expand my skill-set.   


When I am not designing, I am busy in my kitchen or playing with my daughter. And even though I left the East Coast over 10 years ago, it has never left me. My heart will forever be on my best friend’s porch on an island in Maine.

Check out my resume here or contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

Courtney is a brilliant graphic designer. Her aesthetic sense, design skills, and attention to detail have produced some of the most beautiful marketing and communications materials I have ever seen. I have always been impressed with her ability to transform ideas and vision into gorgeous, easy to read materials I am proud to give to partners and colleagues.
— Niki Gribi, Conservation Strategy Fund
During the 4 years of USAID support to the BUILD initiative I was very impressed with the quality and appeal of the CSF website, particularly the publications webpage and the “Biodiversity and Infrastructure” webpage. The publications were well presented and organized. The 2 pager Policy Briefs were a great summary and introduction to larger more detailed documents. In multiple occasions I have directed professionals from USAID and elsewhere towards the CSF website for great resources on the use of environmental economics in conservation. The BUILD summary/final report was of very high quality.  The combination of relevant text, stats, images and info-graphics made it a very well received final report that was praised by many at USAID including our Office Director. The poster size BUILD info-graphic is also impressive and now forms part of the USAID/E3/FAB communication materials during open houses and other forums. 
— Marco A. Flores Santiago, USAID